Successful Luck Ritual Candle Set

Successful Luck Ritual Candle Set


A Ritual Candle Set to attract good luck, prosperity, abundance, and good health. Set on your altar among other special treasures, ignite the candle, say a prayer, and let it burn!

This set includes:
2 Green candles rolled in Sage + Cedar (4 inches tall)
1 Luna candle holder
An Agate slice as a grounding plate for your candle (every Agate slice is unique and picked just for you!)

REMEMBER TO KEEP YOUR CANDLE LIT UNDER SUPERVISION! Do not let your candle burn unsupervised or near anything that could catch fire. If needed to be left unsupervised, place in the kitchen sink while burning. Place the candle holder and lit candle on the Agate slice to ground the energies that you are calling in and to catch any hot wax and burned herbs

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