How to Smudge


The Magic of Smudge

Smudging is an ancient art of purification and cleansing. Different herbs can be burned to attract certain energies, clear the way for something new, or to cut any ties to unwanted energies. You can cleanse your home, sacred space, important objects, and your body. Smudging regularly is a good practice that can also be meditative.

To begin smudging, open all of the windows and doors of the designated space that needs cleansing. If you are cleansing your body, be sure you are in a safe + sacred space that will not hinder your cleanse energetically. Start by igniting the end of your smudge tool. Usually, you want to start with White Sage. White Sage serves as an intense purifier and will deeply cleanse the space or body to make way for new and better energies. Blow out the flame once it has burned enough of the White Sage to give off the cleansing smoke. You can burn loose smudge in an abalone shell or use the shell to catch any ashes that fall. Slowly walk through the space, wave the White Sage or smudge tool gently, and fanning and re-lighting the end of the smudge as needed. You can say a prayer, a mantra, or be silent as you smudge the space. Whatever process feels right for you will work the best. The most important thing to remember is to energetically send away any unwanted energies and as that peace and love fill the space or body. 

When you are finished, lay the White Sage in the abalone shell and close all of the windows and doors. It is important to set a space aside in your home that is just for your smudge tools. Next, if you would like to bring in a different energy, you can burn a different smudge with all of the windows closed. 


Burn baby, burn!

Here are some herbs that you can burn to bring in certain energies into a space:




Prosperity | Guidance | Protection


White Sage

Deep Cleanse + Purification


Palo Santo

Daily Cleanse | Spiritual Health | Protection


Yerba Santa

Beauty | Empowerment | Moving On