Black Salt: Protection + Boundary Rituals


How to Use Black Salt

Black Salt, activated charcoal and sea salt, is a potent tool to use after smudging a space or being. Using Black Salt is an effective way to create boundaries, let go of unwanted baggage, and to instill protection.

Seal the Smudge

After you have smudged your home, sprinkle Black Salt across all of the doorways that lead to the outside. This will ensure that your home stays energetically clean and sacred. You could also take it a step further and sprinkle Black Salt along the perimeter of your land. This is especially useful if the land that you live on has seen a lot of history.

Sacred Bath Ritual

Sprinkle some Black Salt in a Sacred Bath after you smudge yourself. Draw a warm bath. Add in your choice of bath salts, add 2 tbsp. of Black Salt, 2 sticks of cinnamon, and lemon slices from 1 lemon. Breathe deep, soak your bones, and let go of anything that is weighing you down. Our Renewal Bath Salt Vial is another wonderful Sacred Bath that contains Black Salt is a great for letting go and renewing the spirit. Find it here.

Intention on Your Altar

Take a small bowl, any bowl will do but it helps if it has some sort of significance to you, and fill it with warm water or with Florida Water. Place it on your altar and add a pinch of Black Salt to the bowl. This will serve as an intention for Protection.

Full Moon Crystal Cleanse

On the Full Moon, grab a tray or large board. coat the bottom with a layer of Black Salt. Carefully place your crystals on top of the salt and set in the light of the Full Moon to cleanse your crystals while also charging them with the Moon’s energy. The Black Salt will ensure that the crystals let go of any energy it is holding on to and make room for the energy of the Moon.

Nightmare Remedy

If you suffer from nightmares, you can take a bowl of warm water or Florida Water and add a pinch of Black Salt (like the concoction for the bowl on your altar) and place the bowl underneath your bed. This will cleanse and protect your room while you sleep. You can also sprinkle Black Salt in a circle around your bed or at the doorway to the room.

However you choose to use your Black Salt, be sure that as you sprinkle the salt to energetically or even vocally state your intention. Just as in smudging, it is important to be very clear and firm in your desire to create those boundaries and to let go of the sh*t that weighs you down.