How to Charge your Crystals | Full Moon Edition


How to Charge Your Crystals

Crystals are children of the Earth. They grow in magnificent caves, on ocean side cliffs, and are hidden in seemingly ordinary places. With that being said, it is important to reconnect your Crystalline Friends back to Mother Earth and to charge them with the vitality and magical energy of the Full Moon.

Many folks suggest charging your crystals in the Sun or cleansing them in water. We cannot stress enough that those avenues are not healthy practices for your crystals. They have grown underground for centuries. Putting them in the Sun will only take away their color and burn lots of their energy. Crystals fall on a spectrum of hardness. Meaning, some crystals are softer than others. So we also encourage people to not soak or leave your crystals in water. Including them in a sacred bath from time to time is okay or even including some rocks in some Moon Water is alright. However long, and repetitive periods of time in water or even salt water can deteriorate your crystal over time.

Charging your crystals in the Full Moon, however, is a wonderful way for your crystal to reconnect to Mother Earth and capture the magic of the Moon. And since the illumination from the Moon is actually the Sun shining on the Moon, your crystal will soak up a healthy amount of sunshine as well!

Start by finding a safe and meaningful space outside to set your crystals. This could be in your garden, on your patio, or if you live in the wilderness and are wary of wildlife you can set them on a windowsill that will get optimal sunlight. If you do choose to keep your crystals inside, be sure to bring some of Mother Earth inside to surround your crystals with. You can pick flowers, mix in other garden or mountain rocks, or even bring a plate of soil in to sit with your crystals. Next, gather your crystals that need to be charged. If you have a large collection, it is okay to charge them in groups at different times. Set out your crystals in a mindful way. You can make a grid or just arrange them in a way that makes sense to you. All the while, you can sing to your crystals or just talk to them. However you choose to do it, energetically let your crystals know that this is a joyous time to soak up the magic of the Moon and the Earth.

You can leave your crystals out over night or you can let them soak up the moonlight for just a few hours. When it is time to gather your crystals, you can keep them on your person, on your altar, in your creative space, bedside, or wherever makes sense so that you can feel the magic of the Moon throughout the rest of the Moon Cycle.

Note: to take your Crystal Charging Ritual to the next level, you can lay your crystals on a bed of Black Salt to cleanse them as they are being charged in the magic of the Moon!