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cord cutting candle ritual

Warning: this ritual is a fire hazard! Perform this ritual in a fire-safe space. Do not conduct this ritual near anything flammable, keep away from fabrics, woods, flammable liquid, or anything that could spread fire quickly. Keep a jug of water nearby to extinguish fire if needed. CONDUCT RITUAL UNDER COMPLETE SUPERVISION!

Cord Cutting is a ritual that can be done when an energetic tie needs to be severed. The tie that binds us to toxicity, unhealthy habits and people, or even jobs and careers that do not align with our life path can be exhausting energetically and can linger long after they have physically left our daily lives. The anxiety and stress that can come from not letting go can accumulate and sometimes performing a ritual of banishing that energy does the trick.

The Basic Ritual

Our Cord Cutting Ritual Candle Pair comes hand-rolled and dressed. The two candles are connected at the wick, think of this wick as the "cord" in your life that needs to be severed. When you are ready to perform your ritual, it is VITAL that you cleanse yourself and the space your are performing your ritual in. This will allow the energy in yourself and your space to be focused and your intentions to come in loud and clear. If you haven't cleansed before, we have a guide on that too!

Once you have cleansed, set up your candle pair, still connected in a couple of candle holders. If you do not have a candle holder, you can hold the bottom of the candles to a flame and let the wax melt a little bit. Fix the bottom firmly to a fire safe plate. You can always pour boiling water over any hardened wax after your ritual to clean the wax off.

Be sure to keep the wrapper that your candles come in. There is an intention, or prayer, on the front of the packaging. Recite this intention as you literally cut the wick. Be sure to say this intention very firm and with confidence. Your confidence and projection is important because it will help your intention come to fruition. next, light both of your candles. Since the wick is long in between the candles, you may need to re-light your candles. This is not a bad sign, it just means the flame has not reached the candle yet. Once your candles are lit and burning there are several added intentions you can do, depending on how strong the energetic cord is that you are trying to sever.

Added Intentions

Write a Letter

Write a letter to the opposite end of the cord. What or who is this cord connected to? How has their toxicity and negativity affected you? What resentments are you holding? Write down EVERYTHING that you need to let go. Write down your anger, your sadness, all the things you wish you could say directly to that person or event or thing. Let. It. Out. You can write this letter before lighting your candles or as your candles are burning.

Once you are done writing your letter, sign your name with:

With love I let you go,

*your name here*

Make sure you have a fire-safe bowl. We recommend a cauldron but any fire-safe bowl, bucket, or fireplace will do. Then burn it with the flame of your cord cutting candles. Touch the letter to each of the flames. Let it burn completely. You can also add Bay Leaves or Sage to the burning letter to carry that intention to the heavens.

Burn an object tied to the toxicity

If you are coming out of a relationship specifically, this added intention is for you. Take a sweater that your ex-partner gave you, or any clothing of significance, and recite the intention from the Cord Cutting Candle packaging as you burn it. If the clothing is too large to burn completely, cut a piece of it can burn it. Add Bay Leaves or Sage to the burning piece of clothing. Then take the ashes and the rest of the object or any other objects and put them all in a plastic bag. And throw it away! It may feel good to just start cutting clothes, underwear, or anything else that is associated with this person and time. Trust your intuition and your feelings and cut away! Just as long as it all goes in a bag, it is sealed with a tie, and thrown away.

Tie string around your candles

You can take string, make sure it is 100% cotton, and wrap it 2 times around your standing Cord Cutting Candles. Wrap it not too tight that the candles will fall towards each other, but not so loose that the string falls to the bottom before burning. Make sure the wrap is half way down the candles. Perform your ritual as instructed above and let it burn. As your candles burn down, it will reach the wrappings. Let it completely burn and you will start to see the energetic cord severing. Once it is completely burned, take the ashes and what is left of the severed wrap and place it in a plastic bag, seal it, and throw it away.

Be sure that you are performing this ritual on a fire-safe surface because the wrap will burn. Conduct this ritual on tile, concrete, or a similar surface. Outside is a great environment too, just be sure to stay in an open space away from dry brush. Additionally, keep a large glass of water nearby while performing this ritual.

Final steps

When you are done with your ritual, take time to really cleanse yourself and your space. Take deep breaths, maybe carve time for yourself and do some self-care, an herbal bath with Epsom salts is a prime idea. Bask in relief and reclaim your power.

One thing that is important to remember is this: energy cords have 2 ends - one on your end and the other end connected to something not within your control. Sometimes, the toxic thing or person that you are aiming to cut ties from combats the cord cutting process with very strong energy. Cords are severed differently and sometimes takes more than one cord-cutting ritual for the cord to be completely severed. If you are feeling like the cord is not completely severed and you need some outside help, do not be afraid to get it! Find a Reiki Master, seek therapy to combat any gas-lighting and any anxiety that sets in, and keep on cleansing.

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