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How to cleanse

Open all of the windows and doors of the designated space for cleansing. If you are cleansing your body, be sure you are in a safe + sacred space that will not hinder your cleanse. Begin by igniting Mountain Sage. Mountain Sage provides a deep energetic cleanse that will completely clear negative energies from the space. Walk through the space and say a mantra, recite a Prayer that is comfortable for you, or simply be vocal about your intentions. Whatever you choose to say, be sure that you are vocal, firm, and confident. In doing so, your energy will help to push out any other energies that are not welcome. After you have gone through out the space, filling every room with the sacred smoke, set the bundle of Sage in a ceramic dish. It is best to keep your cleansing bundles in a designated space such as your altar or on a special shelf in you home. Let the space air out and the natural, fresh air fill your home or office. If you are cleansing yourself, sit and meditate, breathing in positivity and exhaling negativity. Envision anxiety and negativity leaving your body as you exhale. Once you have cleansed with Mountain Sage and the space has been able to air out and the Sunshine has found its way in, you can now ignite another smudge to bring in the energies you’d like the space to be filled with. Close all of the windows and doors in the space; because now we would like the energies to fill the space and stick around. Here is a quick guide to the kinds of Smudges and Incense you can ignite to help attract specific energies:

Cedar - Harmony + Peace Palo Santo - Blessings + Continual Cleansing Sweetgrass - Ancestral Guidance + Positivity Frankincense + Myrrh - Blessings + Purification Rose + Sage - Loyal Love + Heart Healing Wildflower Smudge - Calming + Earth Connection Copal - Happiness + Creativity Lavender - Calming + Meditation Mugwort - Protection + Purification

While burning one of the mentioned cleansing bundles, be vocal in welcoming that certain energy. Once again, state your intentions clearly and with confidence. You can finish your cleansing by sprinkling Black Salt across all of your doorways. You can also fill a small bowl with warm water and add a pinch of Black Salt to the water with a dash of Cinnamon. Keep this bowl on your altar as an intention of purification and protection.

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Hello beautiful ark team, I can not understand, you talking about a Sage and i want to know how can I cleanse with Palo Santo. Thank you and have a wonderful night! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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