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How to cleanse your crystals

Updated: May 4, 2023

Collecting Crystals is a rewarding hobby that comes with a lot of work. Many folks do not know that when you collect Crystals they need to be cleansed! This is true whether you use your crystals for magic work, for energy healing, reiki, or you just set them in your home and office to bring down certain energies. However you choose to use your crystalline friends, they need to be cared for. If they are not regularly cleansed then your crystals will likely take on too much energy and will not serve their purpose anymore. Some crystals will even spontaneously break when they have taken on too much energy.

Before cleansing any crystals, be sure to cleanse the space and yourself if need be. Check out our How to Cleanse Guide!

Start by igniting Mountain Sage or Palo Santo. These 2 cleansing bundles are purifiers and will help to energetically cleanse spaces, beings, and yes, even your crystals! Hold the crystal you would like cleansed in your hand if you intend to physically work with it. If the crystal(s) you are cleansing only serve to bring an energy to a space, then you can leave it in its place or choose to pick it up and hold it while cleansing. The connection between you and the crystal is important because they too need your attention and energy. Holding the crystal is one way to connect with the crystal and energetically show it your gratitude and love. Take the lit cleansing bundle or wood

and envelope the crystal in the sacred smoke. While doing so, energetically or vocally let the crystal know that it can let go of any energy that it is holding on to. Thank your crystal for its service. With this gratitude, tell it how it has affected you. Finally, ask your crystalline friend to continue to be loyal and bring the intended energies down to your space or body.

Once you have finished cleansing your crystal(s) you can set them back where they were living. This ritual is also a good time to sit down with your crystal and feel its energy. Maybe it is time to utilize the crystal more or move it to another room. Sitting with the crystal and listening to your intuition will help you decipher the next step.

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