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Twin Flame Candle Ritual

Warning: this ritual is a fire hazard! Perform this ritual in a fire-safe space. Do not conduct this ritual near anything flammable, keep away from fabrics, woods, flammable liquid, or anything that could spread fire quickly. Keep a jug of water nearby to extinguish fire if needed. CONDUCT RITUAL UNDER COMPLETE SUPERVISION!

Our Twin Flame Ritual Candle Pair is meant to be burned to beckon a beloved, open your heart to love - perhaps after recovering from heartbreak, and for long-lasting and healthy relationships. The Ritual Begin by cleansing yourself and your space. It is very important to clear the air of any ill will or intentions that are not yours. You can burn White Sage and Rose for clearing the air to let love in or you can burn any cleansing herb (Sage, Rosemary, Palo Santo are all great). Next, gather these materials: - Tray or firesafe dish - Quartz (palmstone or cluster will do) - Rose Quartz (in any form) -Twin Flame Candle Pair - Cotton string or Raffia (pictured) You can melt the bottom of the candle a tad and firmly press it into the firesafe dish or tray. We have done so to an agate slice, which is great for grounding and strength, and suggest doing so if only compelled but it will not make or break the spell. You can carve your name on one candle. On the other candle, you can carve the name of the person you wish to call in, your intention, or simply "LOVE". This part is optional but keep in mind that the more clear you are with your intentions and the more you put them into the physical realm, the more potent the manifestations will be. You can also write a letter to your beloved or a letter to your higher power with your intentions. If you choose this route, be sure to write as though you already have this love. Do not use words like "I wish for.." or "I want..." instead use words like " I surround myself with..." or "I beckon..." or "With gratitude, I receive...". Next, take the cotton string or the raffia and wrap it around your candles about an inch from the bottom and tie a strong knot. This symbolizes union and coming together. Recite the intention or prayer on the front of the Twin Flame packaging as you light the wick that connects the two candles. We recommend holding the flame to the wick until the flame travels down far enough to reach the wax. If you have to re-light the candle, that is okay, but holding the flame to the wick will prevent this from happening and will keep the intention you are reciting powerful. Once the flame has reached the wax, let it burn! When the candles are done burning, be sure to cleanse yourself and your space once more. We also suggest burning a cinnamon stick daily after conducting this ritual.

Some Optional Added Intentions + Ritual

Add distilled water, rose petals, and any love oils to the tray or dish that you are burning your candles in. The water should be shallow to ensure the candles burn through. When the candles are done burning, pour this water in a jar and anoint yourself daily this this potion. Once your candles have been prepared, you can anoint your candles with oils if you feel compelled. Reminders Leading up to this ritual, make sure you have cut cords of any past loves that may be toxic or could impose energy on your new romantic ventures. Prepare your heart through meditation, journaling, long walks in nature. Through preparing your heart, navigate your intentions and be sure you are ready for what you manifest. Keep your intentions pure and authentic.

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