Dream State Crystal + Herb Vial Necklace

Dream State Crystal + Herb Vial Necklace


Dream a little dream for me!

A mini glass bottle that is filled with Apatite + Cedar. This combination is made to help you remember your dreams, enhance communication, problem solve through your dreams, and remedy nightmares. Apatite is also a past-life crystal that can bring past life memories into your dreams. 

You can also wear this necklace with the intention to make your dreams come true. Set a goal. Set your intention. Follow the wish. Reap the rewards. By opening communication and helping to problem solve, success seems much more attainable.

Each necklace is unique and magnificent! Every necklace comes packaged beautifully as pictured above. The chain on the necklace is 20 inches long and is sterling silver. 
Your new necklace will be energetically cleansed with Palo Santo before shipping.

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