Protection Crystal + Herb Vial Necklace

Protection Crystal + Herb Vial Necklace


Potent protection to wear all day. Every day. 

A mini glass bottle that is filled with Black Salt (activated charcoal + sea salt) and a teeny crystal Quartz point. Black Salt has been used for centuries to create healthy boundaries, remain grounded, and for protection from bad vibes or unwanted energy. Quartz in the Black Salt amplifies the intention for protection and promotes healing, and balance.

You can also wear this necklace when a bad mood is in the air or you just can't shake that case of the Mondays. It will absorb the negativity and send it away!

Each necklace is unique and magnificent! Every necklace comes packaged beautifully as pictured above. The chain on the necklace is 20 inches long and is sterling silver. 
Your new necklace will be energetically cleansed with Palo Santo before shipping.

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