Classic Smudge Kit

Classic Smudge Kit


White Sage, Palo Santo, + Sweetgrass all nestled in an Abalone Shell and thoughtfully packaged. Each Kit comes with a 'How to Smudge' Card that reviews the sacred art of Smudging.

White Sage ≡ a wonderful smudge tool for an intensive cleanse. Its strong purification qualities cleanse any energy that is not wanted so that a space or person is clear and open to new opportunities and uninterrupted energy flow.

Palo Santo ≡ also known as Holy Wood, this tree is only found in Peru. Harvested from already fallen trees, this wood is a great smudge to burn everyday to keep a space clean and light. It scent is subtle + woodsy and settles very nicely in a space.

Sweetgrass ≡ a smudge tool that has been used for centuries in ceremony for protection. Sweetgrass attracts positive vibrations and abundance. Its scent is subtle and sweet.

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