Selenite Smudge Kit | Selenite, Sweetgrass, Palo Santo, + White Sage

Selenite Smudge Kit | Selenite, Sweetgrass, Palo Santo, + White Sage


White Sage, Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, + a Selenite Wand all nestled in an Abalone Shell and thoughtfully packaged. Each Kit comes with a 'How to Smudge' Card that reviews the sacred art of Smudging.

White Sage ≡ a wonderful smudge tool for an intensive cleanse. Its strong purification qualities cleanse any energy that is not wanted so that a space or person is clear and open to new opportunities and uninterrupted energy flow.

Palo Santo ≡ also known as Holy Wood, this tree is only found in Peru. Harvested from already fallen trees, this wood is a great smudge to burn everyday to keep a space clean and light. It scent is subtle + woodsy and settles very nicely in a space.

Sweetgrass ≡ a smudge tool that has been used for centuries in ceremony for protection. Sweetgrass attracts positive vibrations and abundance. Its scent is subtle and sweet.

Cedar ≡ perfect for burning in your home or office to harmonize the energy and foster healthy and happy relationships. Person to person connection can be difficult; Cedar helps to mend communication blockages and stale energy that is unnecessary.

Selenite ≡ a soft crystal that absorbs negative or unwanted energies. This stone is very protective. Place by your front doorway to keep negativity away, under your bed for protection at night, or keep on your altar as a cleansing and peaceful offering.


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