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Sacred Smudge




Selenite, Cedar, and Palo Santo wrapped in velvet ribbon. A curated collection of a crystal and smudge to help bring you harmony, peace, and clarity.

☼ Selenite is a very soft crystal that absorbs negative energy and opens the pathway to good communication and divine connection. 

☼ Palo Santo, also known as Holy Wood, is a wonderful daily smudge. It's scent is light and earthy. Burn some Palo Santo to keep a space energetically clean and light.

☼ Cedar is the perfect smudge to bring scattered energy together and instill harmony into any space. It is also helpful for mending miscommunication.

Our Favorites

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 Crystal Mists

Aromatherapy Crystal Sprays combine a fresh scent + crystal energy to settle your worried heart, manifest your desires, and unleash the power of your dreams.

Each spray includes a crystal inside!

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Tiny Smudge Kit

Selenite, Palo Santo, + Sweetgrass in a mini Peach Abalone Shell that fits in the palm of your hand. Keep one in your purse or pocket to be ready to smudge at a moments notice. Tiny Smudge makes a great gift topper + stocking stuffer too!


Crystal + Herb Bundles

Each bundle is filled to the brim with crystals and herbs. Wear a bundle around your neck as a medicine pouch, tuck one underneath your pillow at night to help you drift sweetly off to sleep, or keep a bundle on your altar as an offering of protection and healing.


Black Salt

Grounding | protection | creating healthy boundaries


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