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Welcome to Ark Made

We are a women owned, and currently operated, company in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ark Made was born in 2016. We began with our Crystal Aromatherapy Mists and have continued to grow through the years. We are so grateful to be able to offer these special and sacred treasures, botanicals, and tools to those that are called to them. 


We strive to put a sprinkle of magic in to people's lives through our products. Education is extremely important, and we want people to dip their toes into the magic that we have to offer confidently. Whether it is cleansing, working with crystals, or igniting an intentional candle, we make it so that folks can feel confident through education and step-by-step instructions - and they can reap the benefits of a positive experience.


Where do our herbs come from?

All of our herbs are sustainably and ethically harvested. Our Sweetgrass comes from First Nation and Indigenous People. The sweetgrass is harvested and in return, an offering of tobacco is made to the Earth in gratitude. 

Last year, we took White Sage out of the majority of our products. Now, you will find Mountain Sage included instead. Mountain Sage is a potent cleanser and grows abundantly throughout the Rocky Mountains. 

All of our Palo Santo is sustainably grown and harvested on a community controlled Peruvian Palo Santo farm. No trees are harmed in the harvesting of the Palo Santo. Our Palo Santo is so heavenly and the love that this community has for their Palo Santo can be felt instantly.


we believe that climate change is real and recognize that together we can make small changes to make a large impact.​

as a way to do our part, we are now eliminating plastics from our packaging. any product that is bagged or packaged in cello sleeves are made from certified compostable and biodegradable materials. additionally, all toppers and inserts are recyclable once staples are removed. a green line will appear on the back of cello sleeves to indicate that they are compostable.

we are also making changes within our workspace, such as compostable bags, tree free paper products, and eliminating bubble wrap. orders will be well protected and packed with recyclable materials.

Mother Earth needs our dedication now more than ever. here is to making small efforts to keep her happy and healthy!

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