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Moon cycles Journal rituals

Updated: May 10, 2023

Full moon ritual

The Full Moon is probably the most followed Moon Phase. It is a time of celebration, reaping of benefits, and soaking in the accomplishments that we have made throughout the Moon Cycle. The Full Moon in the Tarot, to me, would be The World. The Full Moon seems to bring the energy that the World is at your feet.

Of course, basking your crystals in the light of the Full Moon is a great idea. This charges them and reconnects them to the Earth. You can read about how to do that here.

But, the Full Moon is a great way to look back on the past cycles of the Moon and see how your intentions and goals came to fruition. Now, this can be intentions from previous cycles or within the current cycle. Of course, not all goals and intentions will be accomplished within the short time between the New Moon and the Full Moon. So patience is key when setting these intentions and understanding that it can take many Moon Cycles for Moon Magic to work.

A great Full Moon ritual is to create a Full Moon altar to celebrate and honor accomplishments. It is best to make this altar and take it down towards the 3rd Quarter Moon.

Making an altar can look different for many people and cultures. I am Italian and Hispanic - so my altars tend to be in the heart of my home or on my kitchen table. I fill them with candles, ancestral offerings, food (expression of love and for remedies), crystals, and energy jars. I would urge you to look into your heritage and see what kind of altars and offerings are in line with your own culture.

Aside from that, here is a basic guide on how to make a Full Moon Altar:

Begin by designating the space for your altar. Since this is an altar of celebration, it would be a great idea to set up your altar in a space of joy and love. Consider your living room, dining room where everyone gathers for a meal, or even in your kitchen.

Once you have the space for your altar designated, now it is time to gather your materials. This will greatly depend on what you are celebrating, but here is a general list:

Career Accomplishments: money jar or dish (discover how to make on here), your paycheck stub or letter of promotion, bowl containing Rose of Jericho, green candle

Celebration of Love: Rose Quartz, a bouquet of fresh roses, cinnamon sticks, photos of your beloved (or of loved ones if celebrating family), pink candle

Celebration of Spiritual Growth: Amethyst, a tarot card or spiritual book of significance, divination tools, purple candle

Celebration of Peace: Fluorite or Aquamarine, fresh bouquet of Eucalyptus, bowl of Rose Water, white candle

Once you have gathered all of your items and have designated what you are celebrating and giving gratitude for, place your items on your altar. An altar cloth underneath your items may resonate with you but is not necessary. Once your items are placed, light your candle and let it burn. Stare into the flame, reflecting on how far you have come, and send gratitude to Source, your ancestors, or the Moon herself for your accomplishments and the opportunities that have been given. Continue to let the candle burn as long as you feel comfortable. You can snuff your candle and re-light as you'd like as part of a daily ritual or you may let it burn continually.

new moon ritual

The New Moon exudes the energy of new beginnings and the beginning of a cycle. If we look at the moon phases as a full cycle, this would be the beginning. In the tarot, the New Moon would be The Fool card in the Major Arcana.

Amidst the darkness that the New Moon brings, the energy is rich with possibility and opportunity. It is a time to make room for the new journey ahead through the different phases of the Moon and embrace the clean slate that the New Moon brings. It is also the time to gather and organize scattered thoughts, and plan for the journey ahead.

Self talk is *very* important during this time. Negative self-talk such as "I can't...", "I'll never be able...", or "I'm not good enough...", etc. is not the way to begin your journey or the cycle ahead. Keep your self-sabotage at bay the best you can.

One way to keep self-sabotage at bay is to do the following ritual:

All you need is a piece of paper, pen, all of those negative thoughts and a White Candle. It doesn't have to be a fancy candle. You can also use a Black Candle if that is more handy. White and Black candles in Candle Magic are great for calling in protective and cleansing energy. Ignite your candle then take a seat in a safe space. Then, write. Let it all out. Release all of the negative and non-supportive things you have in your head and get it out on paper. Got rage? Let it out on the paper. Filled with Anxiety? Doodle it out. Any way that feels right and releasing to you is the correct way to fill the paper. Go for the front and back if you need to. Or just a sentence.


Burn it.

Ignite it in the flame of the candle. Be sure to do this in a fire-safe space. I like to burn things outside on my concrete patio. But if you do not have access to that, a large dish will do, or the tile floor of your kitchen, or even in the bathroom sink where you can easily turn on the water if need be.

Once all of your negative self-talk is thoroughly burned, you can ignite a cleansing botanical such as Palo Santo or Rosemary and cleanse the space and yourself.

Now that you have the mental space, you can make plans and mentally prepare to take leaps. You may not know where these plans will take you - it could be somewhere unexpected. But taking that leap of faith with positive self talk and inner support is important. Because you are worthy and you can do it.

first quarter moon ritual

The First Quarter Moon when the Moon is building and is half way to Full. This is the time to begin taking actions on our intentions and to remain steady with our dreams. This is not a time to waver. When that little voice creeps up of "Maybe I dreamt too big..." or "There's no way I can accomplish...", we need to turn that negative talk to "I am enough!", "I can accomplish anything I set my mind and heart to!".

During this time, a good ritual can be as simple as working on your projects, your dreams, your intentions whole heartedly. Add a red candle to your altar and burn Dragon's Blood to instill strength and steadiness during this time.

Go outside to the Moon and tell her the following:

Thank you for the gift of your energy

I know I am enough

I know I can accomplish all my heart desires

I am strong and courageous

I am enough

waxing gibbous moon ritual

The Waxing Gibbous Moon is a time of momentum and motivation. The Moon is building to Full and is getting closer night by night. During this time, it is important to recognize and harness the energy of this building momentum.

Journaling is a great ritual to do day by day. But especially during the Waxing Gibbous Moon, journaling on your intentions, refining what you have initially set, and jotting down what has already come to fruition is a great way to honor the momentum that wa you.

Here are some prompts to reflect on:

What has already come to fruition? Is it in line with the intention you have set?

What piece of gratitude would you like to leave here?

What other pieces of action can be done in line with your intention?

What feels out of balance? How can you re-align to come back into balance?

You can also journal and follow the Moon daily with our Moon Cycles Journal! Find it here >> MOON CYCLES GUIDED JOURNAL

waxing crescent moon ritual

Crescent Moons are so gorgeous, hanging effortlessly in the sky. We see this symbol of the moon in many places, but the crescents can be easily over-looked in ritual work. This phase is an in-between time. The Waxing Crescent takes place between the New Moon and the 1st Quarter Moon. If you are following the rituals through the phases, you have just wiped your energetic slate clean, making way for new opportunity and intentions during the New Moon.

The Waxing Crescent Moon's energy is perfect for making new intentions, daydreaming, and brainstorming. It's a time to dream big! What are some of your goals, long term or short term? What is something you've always wanted for yourself but never had the gumption to act upon? Energy is building in your favor and no dream is too big.

A quick ritual you can do during this time is to create an intention jar. Begin by finding a jar with an enclosure. There are no limits to your intention jar EXCEPT it cannot be thrifted or given to you by someone else. It has to be a brand new jar.

Fill your jar with a few of the following. It does not have to be all of the following as these items help to enhance your intentions:

  • Quartz

  • Cinnamon (grounded or sticks)

  • Black Salt

  • Sea Salt

  • Citrine (clarity of your intentions, great for manifesting)

  • Pine

  • Rosemary

  • Lavender

Add these items to your jar. You do not need to fill your jar with these items, filling it 1/3 of the way or even 1/2 the way is fine.

Lastly, add your intention. Write your intention, goal, dream on a small piece of paper. When you have finished, roll the piece of paper TOWARDS you. This beckons the energy rather than rolling it away. Wrap and tie your scroll of intentions with a red string. Then add the scroll to your jar. Close your jar and add to your altar.

Some prefer to leave the jar as is, and if that is what you are compelled to do, that is perfectly fine. As an added daily ritual, you can add oils to your jar. Add Cinnamon oil, Honeysuckle oil, or even a spoonful of honey each day to sweeten your jar and enhance your intentions even further. This ritual is helpful in reminding you what you are working hard for and keeping your heart in line with your intentions. When the jar is full, continue to keep it on your altar or if you have accomplished what your intentions were, you can bury it in a safe space (your favorite nature spot, in your backyard, etc.).

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